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About Us

Babylon Construction Inc. is a private owned construction company that specializes in providing high quality construction and concrete  Flat-work, landscaping, tree-planting, escalation and  Curb work services. The ideas and vision behind this great company were conceived by Gillian Giannini  the founder is an astute and sagacious entrepreneur whose veritable experience in construction management and commitment in ensuring client’s satisfaction knows no bound. Our company is also positioned to distinctly collaborate with professionals in the course of offering our services, through our strategic alliance with employment unions. Our greatest strength lies in the fact that we have a determined management with clear and distinct business blueprint and focus.

Economic Benefits

It is significant to fully state the economic benefits that are tied to this company owing to the nature and industry which it stands; we have taken the time to carefully enumerate the economic benefits of our business to the society some of which are:

· Boosting the economic development of the state not just by tax remittance but also, by assisting tax-payers in identifying all tax credits or tax deductions they are eligible for.

· Stimulate the minority business community and encourage entrepreneurial spirit among the people, which will lead to potential business openings in the state. Entrepreneurship fuels America’s economic innovation and prosperity and serves as a key means for families to move out of low-wage jobs.

· Enhancing the economic development of the people in a simply by providing employment opportunity.

Our services are key inputs to some government agencies most especially those saddled with the responsibilities of providing infrastructural facilities and other commercial purposes.

Babylon Construction INC

Here at Babylon ConstRUCTION INC. our work speakS for itself.

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Babylon CONStruction INC.

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